Pre-paid Funeral Plans

Why bother purchasing your pre-paid funeral plan?

  • Your money in sole-name accounts is locked after your demise. Depending on your circumstances, your family may not have enough money to pay for your funeral.
  • Eliminate family conflicts over your arrangements. When making your plans with us, your decisions are clearly documented. Let your departure be a peaceful and smooth affair. Your family does not have to guess and argue over what you would have wanted for your grand departure.
  • Free your family from confusion in their time of grief. You get the peace of mind you deserve as you gift your family more time with you instead of stressing over funeral arrangements. Having to process your passing and making funeral arrangements concurrently can be overwhelming for some. Minimise the risk of them making hasty and costly decisions by making pre-paid plans with us - all your family needs to do is to activate us.

Planning with us is simple - just call, pay, and sign.

  1. Contact us via our contact page or via 97928826.
  2. Depending on your preference, we can either meet with you or correspond via email. We will reference standard plans for your consideration if you do not have specific bespoke requirements.
  3. After confirmation of your plans, we will draw up the agreement and invoice for payment. Once paid, we will meet you for parties to sign.

Choose whether to pay in whole or via instalment payments

Funeral plans can be expensive. We understand and allow instalment payments or payment via insurance plans with our associates. Alternatively, you can also pay via credit cards and earn cashback (subject to the credit card you use).

Easy Activation

  1. Inform your family to contact us and quote your agreement number
  2. Our team will ask about your location and advise on next steps
  3. The logistics team will be with your family within 2 hours or at the appointed time at Singapore General Hospital if there is a need for police clearance

Sign up for our pre-paid plans now and we will assist you with a simple Will free of charge